VP - Management Accounting, Oak Ridge, NJ

As the VP of Management Accounting, your primary functions include budgeting, forecasting, developing and maintaining an organizational profitability and budgeting model. You will work with retail and other organizational models in the bank to find revenue and find areas of cost containment. The VP of Management Accounting will develop and distribute monthly and quarterly business line profitability reports and serve as the primary financial liaison with the retail and lending departments to help analyze business and product opportunities, costs, etc. You will work with staff to develop their abilities in this area as well.
Please note: we are seeking candidates with experience in accounting and finance in the banking industry.
Develop and maintain organizational profitability and budgeting model.
Develop annual budget.
Prepare alternative forecasts when situation warrants.
Prepare and distribute monthly reporting to organizational units.
Review expenses both for approval of A/P checks and reduction of expenses.
Manage data effectively to provide information that will allow management to maximize profits and hold managers accountable for results.
Responsible to improve the Management Planning and Control Program
Work with Retail to find opportunities for fee origination and expense savings.
Work with remainder of the organization to institute expense savings initiatives.
Perform any other related duties as required or assigned.
Bachelor degree in areas such as Accounting, Finance or Business Administration.
Banking background in accounting and finance
7 years related experience with 5 years in a management role.
Excellent, effective written and verbal communication skills.
Excellent attention to detail.
Excellent problem solving skills.
Advanced proficiency of Microsoft Office programs.
Experience using profitability and budgeting software.
Professional demeanor, strong interpersonal skills and ability to work well with all levels of staff.
Excellent time management, multi-tasking and prioritizing skills.
Demonstrated process improvement experience is a plus.
Prior administration of profitability and budgeting software is a plus.
Must be bondable.
Employment Eligibility
All Lakeland Bank employees must be bondable. FBI background checks are required to confirm eligibility for bonding.
Note: A guilty plea or criminal conviction will not necessarily preclude employment at Lakeland Bank.
Scheduled Hours
8:30-5:00 PM Monday-Friday

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